New and unique home building methods have been the driving force in edifice construction since the dawn of time. A search for a better way to protect those within from the elements and provide functionality for your way of life has always been essential to our comfort in life. At I CAN BUILD IT we spend endless hours perfecting our craft and methods with our eyes on the future at the same time.  We aim to stay ahead of the curve and provide clients with the option to take advantage of unique home building techniques. 

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Design work provided by VIVA collectiv designer Brian Crabb (credits Tiny House Nation, Family feud and The Voice)

In today's world, a large number of people are finding a way to live large by going tiny. In America today, the average home is around 2500sq ft. The typical tiny home is under 600sq ft. With a reduction of 80%, you're bound to notice a newfound freedom and thats exactly what these folks are looking for. Its a personal and financial freedom that comes from a "less is more" concept. We can provide you with a well designed carefully crafted tiny home whether on wheels or a foundation. We are here to help tell your story by way of constructing the vehicle that will take you on your epic tiny journey .


While all types of home building get our undivided attention. We would be lying if we said we don't get extra excited about these builds listed below. Building a project with a fun or therapeutic purpose takes the cake most times for carpenters. Being able to apply every skill you have in your repertoire and doing it well is what being craftsman is all about.

  • Tree houses

  • Boat houses

  • Bug-out shelters

  • ManCaves/SheSheds

  • Recording studios