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  • What is your work range?
    We have a limited work range of a 1 hr commute from Hagerstown MD including traffic. The following areas are within that range but are NOT included: Anne Arundel county MD Montgomery county MD Prince Georges county MD
  • What states are you licensed?
    We are licensed to build new homes or remodel existing homes in the following states: Maryland Pennsylvania West Virginia Virginia
  • Do you offer financing?
    While we do not handle any kind of financing in house we do work with a couple banks that we could recommend for foundation home construction and remodeling. Unfortunately at this time we do not have anyone to recommend for tiny home of wheels financing.
  • Do you provide free estimates?
    Our design consultations are free of charge whether at your home, place of business or our showroom. Usually our labor proposals are free too. There are exceptions to this last rule, however, which would be discussed with you during your free consultation.
  • Do you offer design services?
    We are partnered with the designers at Viva Collectiv. We worked with the owner Brian Crabb during our time building with the TV show Tiny House Nation. We fell in love with Brians approach to projects and his ability to turn beautifully creative detailed designs. You can look at their works through the link in our contact page.
  • Do you use sub contractors?
    In short, yes. While we are capable of doing all the work in house, time isn't on our side and we can only do so much ourselves these days due to an extended backlog. Trade work like electrical, plumbing and HVAC almost everyone is required to be done by licensed sub contractors. Some finishing services like roofing, siding, drywall and flooring we use subcontractors for when do not have room in our schedule to handle ourselves. However, at all times these contractors are under our direct supervision and we have used their services in the past and we can assure the quality at which we will standby.
  • Do you build container homes?
    No, at this time we are not taking on single family or multi container home projects. We will build single container tiny homes, offices and ADUs. Single container conversions can be built of site and shipped pending your local building departments consent. We can also build single container conversions onsite if you fall within our work range.
  • Shell pricing
    Custom trailer Standard 2x4 framing Zipwall exterior sheathing Feltbuster Roofing Underlayment 18' - $17,500 20’ - $21,500 24’ - $24,500 28’ - $27,500 32' - $31,500 Prices may vary due to market fluctuations in material pricing
  • Shell + Exterior finish pricing
    Custom trailer Standard 2x4 framing Metal roofing or synthetic slate Tempered Vinyl Windows Your choice of: cedar, pine, metal or combination there of Plumbing and electrical options are available but not included in base price ​18' - $23,000 20’ - $27,500 24’ - $32,000 28’ - $35,000 32' - $40,000 Pricing may vary pending market fluctuations on materials
  • Custom THOW pricing
    Customized floor plan Choice of roof style (Shed or A-Frame) Custom trailer (Up to 30' in length) Standard 2x4 framing R20 rigid Insulation in trailer cavity, R21 closed cell spray foam walls and ceiling Metal roofing Your choice of: cedar, pine, metal, vinyl or PVC siding Composting toilet 30 or 50 Amp electrical system Pex water lines Propane 4.0 GP on demand water heater 3-burner cook top Butcher block counter top Solid wood cabinetry Luxury vinyl plank flooring Tempered Vinyl Windows 20’ - $56,000 24’ - $68,000 28’ - $79,000 32' - $89,000 18’ & below - Call for pricing Pricing may vary due to market fluctuations in material pricing
  • Will you help me setup utilities at my final house location?
    If your job is local to us of within our work range we can work directly with the necessary contractors needed to provide the utilities. If you are out of our work range you will have to obtain a contractor in that area and we can communicate with them to be sure the requirements are met.
  • What is the typical turnaround for a THOW?
    Build time vary from build to build but we can typically build a home ready to ship within 60-90 days depending on size and complexity.
  • Will you deliver the home?
    Yes, we can provide transportation in house or outsource it through a shipping company.
  • Is there an average price per square foot?
    A price per square foot is based on many variables that cannot simply be accounted for sight unseen. The price of homes vary greatly based on the size of the home. Rooms like bathrooms and kitchens carry a high value per square foot due to their finishes. Room like bedrooms and living spaces do not have the same cost driving finishes and do not have the high cost baths and kitchens have. The highly fluctuating prices of materials over the past few years has also made it increasingly hard to offer average square foot prices. Its best to shoot us a message and we can attempt to give you a ballpark range based on current pricing we are seeing during that specific period.
  • Do you only build tiny homes?
    No, we will build a home of any size. Whether its 400 sq ft or 3400 sq ft we are capable of building a beautiful home in any size!
  • Do you have a model home designs?
    We do not have any model designs at this time. All of the foundation homes we have built to date are completely custom designed.
  • Will you use client provided plans?
    We will use designs provided by a client pending they are detailed enough for our needs and what is required to pull permits.
  • Do I need permits?
    In most cases yes, you will need permits. If all you are doing is replacing items without changing the layout or altering the structure you can forgo permits. Each job is handled on a case by case basis.
  • Do you do handyman work?
    We unfortunately do not take on new clients for handiman services. We are a small company and stay quite busy with our large scale projects.

Design work provided by VIVA collectiv designer Brian Crabb (credits Tiny House Nation, Family feud and The Voice)

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